Made by the young game designers of the Ruined Project (with Claire Morwood x National Galleries x Tinderbox Collective)

Huge thanks to Claire Morwood for helping us to make this game and teaching us all about Bitsy! 

Check out her work as shimmerwitch



Use the arrow keys to explore and answer the riddles!


Useful Bitsy resources
Main Tutorial:
Tutorial on variables:
Bitsy Wiki:



Game Designers: Fernanda, Imogen, Chelsea, Shiloh, Jakub, Blessing, Samuel, Leen, Zain and Rory 

Claire Morwood: |

National Galleries:

Tinderbox Collective:

Made using Bitsy, created by Adam Le Doux:


About Tinderbox PlayAway Games Festival

This game was made as part of Tinderbox PlayAway.

Over 2 weeks from Monday 22nd Feb – Friday 5th March, we celebrated and showcased the creativity, diversity, innovation, and imagination of games design, interactive media and play.  Over 30 game designers, artists, composers, educators and others involved in games are getting together through a series of panel discussions, workshops, demos, music performances, digital play sessions, and game jams.

At a time when so many people across the world are moving on-line due to the pandemic, we wanted to turn to the Games industry for inspiration – to ask how games are adapting and responding to the pandemic, and to explore what role they could play looking ahead.

Check out our website to find out more about the festival.

#PlayAwayFest #TinderboxPlayAway

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